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Grafana Loki - Distributed "Simple Scalable" Docker deployment with Ansible

The GitHub repository can be found here.


This configuration originated from the need of a "Simple Scalable" Loki deployment where the different read/write components are on different hosts or virtual machines; not emulated by multiple Docker containers on the same host.

The main issue I had while working on this configuration was: After the Components (Ingesters, Distributors, etc.) registered themselves at the Consul service (for the distributed Key-Value-Store), they couldn't reach/communicate with each other. The solution to this was the common.ring.instance_addr configuration value. This is the address that is broadcasted to the other components for the KVStore-communiation. By default, it was some kind of localhost-IP.


graph LR
    subgraph LoggingNode["Logging Node 1, 2"]
        Promtail --> |scrapes| LogFile["log file"]
        Promtail --> |pushes to| Distributor["Loki Distributor:3101"]
        Distributor --> Ingester["Loki Ingester"]


    Ingester -->|registers + sees other ingesters| Consul
    Ingester -->|saves to| Minio

    subgraph BackendNode["Backend Node"]
        Consul["Consul (Consistent Hash Ring):8500"]
        Minio["S3 Bucket:9000"]
        Redis["redis (chunk cache):6379"]

    Querier -->|executes query| Minio
    TableManager -->|table management stuff| Minio

    subgraph MainNode["Main Node"]
        Grafana -->|LogQL query| Querier["Loki Querier:3105"]
        TableManager["Loki Table Manager"]

    Browser ==>|open website| Grafana
    LogCLI ==>|LogQL query| Querier


  • SSH key-based authentication to your nodes.
  • Ansible on your own computer.
  • You might have to open the following ports on your nodes:
    • 3000 (Grafana Frontend)
    • 3101 (Loki Write Endpoint / Distributor) -> Send your logs here
    • 3105 (Loki Read Endpoint / Querier) -> Send your LogQL queries here
    • 9095 (Communication for Consistent Hash Ring)
    • 9000 (Minio S3 Bucket)
    • 8500 (Consul KVStore)
    • 6379 (Redis cache)


  1. Set the IP Adresses / URLs to your nodes in the inventory.ini file.
  2. Run the Ansible Playbook with the following command:

    ansible-playbook -i inventory.ini playbook.yml
  3. Access the Grafana dashboard at http://node1_url:3000


The configuration files in this repository were combined from these sources: