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Welcome! This wiki is an assortment of my documentation pages about various topics. Most of my pages are written in a practice-oriented "knowledge base style", rather in a "encyclopedia style" like Wikipedia. Like a dialog between you and me.

This wiki is still work in progress, so expect some unfinished articles here and there.

A bit about me: I'm Kai, a fullstack software developer from Germany. You can find out about my other projects on my blog.


I just like collecting and curating information by writing documentation articles. Writing down your findings in your own words while learning a new topic is a great way to remember the key concepts. Even when you forget some things, you can reference your own articles at a later date.

Until now, I've written my documentation / knowledge base in Notion, Obsidian and Logseq (in that order). I switched away from Notion because they have no offline mode, and Obsidian is closed source. I'm pretty happy with Logseq, so I recommend checking it out! However, by using a wiki generator like Material for Mkdocs, I can share my articles more easily with other people. So I hope that some articles can help you!


Was something unclear? Do you have ideas for improvement? You can contact me here: